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Tagion is a decentralized non-political monetary system, used and governed openly as a common good.

World is glitching!

We believe the financial system should serve its purpose in aiding the economy but not be a source of inequality. Tagion is the embodiment of a money system based on trust, equality, and freedom.

With Tagion, people worldwide can trade goods, services, and digital assets without the need of middlemen such as banks and credit card companies. By enabling every person in the world to participate in the global economy directly, immediately, and without permission, Tagion is a force for positive change and progress for humankind.

How Tagion Works


owned by you

Tagions are just records in the database, secured by cryptography and key pairs. Private keys are stored securely in your app, and used to verify ownership of tagions with their matching public keys, ensuring that only you can spend your funds.


owned by people like you

Tagions are stored in a large network of computers that form one distributed database. The whole network agrees on data and the ordering of events in a trustless way. Thus, instead of one person claiming the truth, everyone can validate the data, making cheating nearly impossible.


developed for you

Crypto technology may sound complex and scary, but so did the internet in its early days. Now you utilize the benefits of the internet via user-friendly apps, the same goes for Tagion. Today, you can find dedicated wallet apps to use your tagions; tomorrow, you'll use it from all sorts of apps without even noticing.

What Makes Tagion Different From Other Crypto?

What Makes Tagion Different From Other Crypto?

Modern Core Technology

One of the greatest challenges of creating a decentralised currency is to find the right balance between security and performance. Tagion has a whole set of novel technical solutions to support enough transactions per second to compete with comparable systems like VISA and MasterCard without compromising security and decentralisation.

Democratic Governance

Tagion is governed as a common resource by people like you. To encourage growth in the network and support the longevity of the platform, Tagion utilizes an incentive mechanism that rewards with tagions those who bring value to the system. While all decisions in the network are made via voting, providing everyone with a democratic voice.

Independent & Usable Currency

To create a true alternative, a currency must be independent and usable. Independence means, it's not reliant on other currencies as USD or EUR or any other assets. While to make it usable, we need to embed the currency in the economy and regulate the supply to ensure stable pricing.

The World Has Changed And So Shall We

The World Has Changed And So Shall We

In Math We Trust

When you trust someone, you are sure that he will act according to your expectations. Fiat money is issued and controlled by central banks and governments, and, as we know, every system involving power, money, and status will eventually suffer from prejudice and corruption. With Tagion, you don't need to trust individuals nor institutions, but the math behind cryptography.

Inclusive Financial System

Today, about 2.5 billion people globally have no access to traditional banking. They may not have the documents required to open a bank account, or they may not have a way to get to a bank. Meanwhile, Tagion makes banking inclusive for everyone to equally participate in the global financial system. You can send tagions from anywhere to anyone, at any time, without fear of censorship or additional fees.

Tagion’s private pre-sales are currently in progress. Our investor relations team will be happy to answer any questions about investing in Tagion at ir@tagion.com.

The Tagion system is currently undergoing rigorous testing and is set to be released Q1 2023, once the system meets the high demands for security and quality. Once released, Tagion will gradually be made available for use for things such as payments and easy cross-border money transfers.

Tagion is still in its early days, so you have a chance to help us build and become a valuable member of our growing community, with a say in the future development of Tagion. Remember - it’s yours as much as it’s ours.

You can find all the technical information in the Tagion Technical Paper. Join our friendly community on various social media platforms to learn about Tagion firsthand!

Contact Us: ir@tagion.com

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