Universal Token Protocol

Inclusive. Elastic. Decentralized. Scalable.

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Decentralized Exchange

Pay with anything anywhere. DEX is an open protocol that enables a trustless exchange of any digital currency that supports HTLC (Hash Time Locked Contract).

Elastic Money Supply

To scale properly, the money supply must match demand. Tagion does not have a hard cap, but makes use of elastic supply, which aims to create a stable price level.

Inclusive Governance

Tagion and its resources are governed as a Common. All have equal right to participate, but it is the contribution which gives reward and power.

Scalable Core Technology

Tagion builds on a modular and scalable core. Each module can be changed and optimised. Main modules are the distributed database, scripting engine, Hashgraph and gossip mechanism.

The Big Why

The world has too many financial (and physical) borders. Tagion was born to break down those borders and enable seamlessly peer-to-peer money transfers. Cheap, quick, fair, and fast for anyone anywhere.

The Inquiring How

Current cryptocurrency systems have failed to gain wide-spread adoption, as several problems prevent these from doing so.

The Significant What

Tagion is a decentralised and permissionless banking network – run and owned by its users. Its genuinely fair and democratic governance model builds on the ideas and design principles of Nobel Memorial Prize winner in Economic Sciences, Elinor Ostrom. Tagion is self-sustainable and seen as a common resource that lets developers create new financial markets with a few clicks.

The elastic money supply and absence of a hard cap keep the value of the network tokens stable - and in time – Tagion will be a thrust less monetary system with an algorithmically controlled dynamic monetary supply. Given all developers, the possibility of creating a more sustainable economic world.

The Practical Where

Tagion is a universal token protocol that acts as the backbone for almost any transaction-based service such as C2C cross-border payments and daily micro-transactions and seamlessly exchange between all tokenised currencies.

Finally, Tagion is a vital aid for solving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10.c: by 2030, reduce to less than 3% the transaction costs of migrant remittances and eliminate remittance corridors with costs higher than 5%

Technical Paper

DEX Protocol. Hashgraph Consensus. DART Database. Inclusive Governance.

Tagion Roadmap

The team behind Tagion has spent a significant amount of time, funding itself, while building core components: Hashgraph, Gossip protocol, DART database, HiBON data format, the underlying API and more.

We keep implementing new functionality and getting closer to the major milestone, where we can open-source the Tagion project and launch the main network.

Meet People Behind Tagion

Tagion is Committed to Transparency

We are fully committed to transparency. Tagion partners up with TrustedIn Trading, the platform to ensure responsibility and transparency in the wild world of cryptocurrency startups.